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     The cleaners from Old Ford Carpet Cleaners did an upholstery cleaning for me about a month ago, and it turned out beautifully.
Jessica V.21/05/2020
     Smooth, efficient and hustle free! I will never clean my rug by myself anymore. Thank you Old Ford Carpet Cleaners for transforming our homes.
     The end of tenancy cleaning was thorough and of course I got my deposit back which was the most important thing. Carpet Cleaning Services Old Ford did a splendid job and for that I'm incredibly grateful.
Tina S.18/04/2019
     Our cat has a medical condition which means that he often isn't very well and has accidents on the carpet. We don't always have the proper tools to clean up after him which can get a bit annoying; however the regular cleaners from Old Ford Carpet Cleaners always do their job professionally. You're a lifesaver.
Sammy H.01/12/2015
      Carpet Cleaner Old Ford did a great job on cleaning my rugs recently. I couldn't afford to replace them so opted to have a rug cleaning service to revive them a little. They did a tremendous job at a very low cost; thanks so much!
Mrs. Mary Mitchell14/07/2015
     When I hired OldFordCarpetCleaners the first time, I was kind of lingering between them and another more expensive company. However, I eventually settled on this one and I am so happy I did that. I saved myself the money and got top notch house cleaning service for the money I paid. I couldn't have asked for more, not in a million years!
Monica A.17/03/2015
     Working with OldFordCarpetCleaners to do my end of tenancy cleaning was a great choice. They were friendly and helpful and really knew which areas to devote special attention to. They were reliable and friendly through the process making it easy to work with them. They were diligent and hard working. They really left my apartment looking clean as new. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. Thanks for the great service! They provide great cheap services and they will guarantee your return deposit.

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